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Project Asgard Project @ Pasir Ris


1 Years ago

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Matthew Foo

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Category : Transitional

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The title of this project was titled and named by our client. You'll find out why this project is called that when you look through these beautiful pictures taken. A full gut job in every sense of the word. Gutted, we did. This was a joy for our decor/design consultant to work on. Our client, the home owners, were so proactive in communicating what they like and dislike to help the design to take shape. Most of all, they were very trusting with our consultant at each decision made for their whole house. This is a true transitional style in many sense. The rustic of the furnishings and the furniture, to the colours that both of them likes, to the modernity of which the husband hopes to maintain. This home has a beach home feel yet has the IT part nailed down!