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Shao Jie

1 Years ago

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Shao Jie Yeo

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Category : Asian Flavours

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Deriving its inspiration from the client’s ethnicity, harmony was conceived through the simplification of a traditional Chinese motif that was further morphed into a modernised version of its former self. The newly designed motif was then reinterpreted into a feature display and storage installed in the foyer and the living area of the cosy abode serving as both a daily reminder of the family’s roots in China and the focal point of the room. A combination of beech wood, white and gold laminates were applied to complement each other and to create a modern look. The theme of harmony is subtly reiterated in the circular design of the TV console handles created to complete the overall aesthetic of the living room. The seemingly ordinary shelves situated in the bedrooms are in fact oriental Chinese window frames injected with a touch of modernity and brilliance. Accent colours were carefully selected to suffuse the rooms with vibrancy while still maintaining the harmony of the entire space.