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Scandinavian Suite The Poiz Residences, Singapore


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Keenon Lee

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This particular project is interesting, to say the least, the owners' requirements were to create a study that could fit a bed, and had a study area as well. While preserving the privacy of the bedroom. This resulted in us designing a room that was low, vibrant and also extremely bright without using a lot of mirrors. The large cabinet near the entrance created an abundance of storage space but made the place look very bulky. We then proceeded to design various open niche with different depths to throw the viewers' depth perception of the cabinet off. This resulted in a design that enabled the homeowner to have lots of storage without it being too bulky. The TV Feature wall carries a rough rustic whitewashed brick design that has a suspended shelf and a TV Console attached to it. The lighting below the TV Console then made the entire room bigger whilst the spotlight above further pushed the brick wall in, expanding the room as a result.